Home Inspections Booking App

interaction design, research

Summer 2014



My Role

This project was completed as part of my Interaction Design internship with Normative. I was responsible for helping conceptualize, research, design the user flow, and produce wireframes.


Real estate agents must book a home inspection everytime they sell a house. To do so, they have to engage in lengthy phone calls in order to coordinate schedules and provide mandatory information about the house.


The home inspections app integrates with the agents' calendar as well as the inspectors' so that inspections can be booked with the schedules of all parties in mind. It also allows agents to save information about the home so they can finalize their appointment after they get all the required info.


Check availability

Check which days and times inspectors are available for inspections. See at a glance conflicts with your calendar.

See all bookings

See the status of current bookings without having to call in.

Reserve appointments

Realtors don't always have all of the house information when they're booking the inspection. Through the app they can reserve appointments first and fill in additional home information later.



We looked at many different calendar apps to gain an understanding of how others had designed the concept of time.


Most realtors are concerned about booking an inspection as soon as possible. As such we decided that it was only really neccessary to display two weeks at a time, with the option to expand the calendar by dragging to view more dates.

App flowchart


Some of the struggles we faced designing that app was making sure to respect people's concept of time. People see time as continuous. As a result, it was important that we didn't only show available days, but the unavailable days as well. Otherwise people may confuse days placed next to each other as continuous.

Speed was a priority for realtors when making these bookings. To fulfill this need, we designed a quick fill option that allows realtors to input all of the house information in one line and the app would smart populate the form.


  • It's really important to be aware of the pre-existing mental models users have and make sure your designs align. In this case, how users perceive the concept of time.
  • Keep wireframes simple to help clients focus on the flow of the design as opposed to being distracted by the visual treatment.