interaction design, visual design, motion design

Winter 2014


A lot of time is wasted prepping and referring to recipes during the cooking process. iCook explores the concept of a futurisitc cooking interface that integrates the cooking process seamlessly.


Interact with the iCook in a variety of ways, including voice commands when you're busy cooking away.

Nutrient detection

Place your hand on the iCook so that it can analyze the nutrient levels in your body. iCook then tailors recipes to supplement nutritional deficiencies.

Smart recipes search

iCook provides a cohesive recipe browsing experience by searching and displaying recipes from all major cooking sites. It allows you to easily adjust portion sizes and make ingredient substitutions based on what's available in the fridge.

Ingredients storage & preparation

iCook combines the fridge and pantry to store ingredients and keep track of expiration dates so you never find forgotten molded food in the corner again. It can also prep your food (washing, chopping, peeling, etc) so that you can focus on cooking.


Storyboard sketches
The green screening process