My Design Process

If you’re going to love something it needs to be the process of coming up with a solution. If you’re going to love two things, the other one should be that you’ve actually solved the problem. If you’re going to love three things, love the people you’re trying to help.

Mike Monteiro

1. Strategize

Before I begin 'doing' anything, I outline my goals and break down the project into general steps. Then I plan out my process; taking into consideration time, resources, and scope.

2. Explore

Next: Research. The people who will be using the product, the competition, other designers, tutorials, anything and everything. I want to learn as much as I can about the brief.

At this stage I define my context & design problem; potentially creating design artifacts to help me empathize and understand the target users.

3. Ideate

Research and thoughts become mind maps & brainstorms. Ideas are scribbled down and sketches are small and drawn in rapid successions.

Concepts are reviewed, evaluated, & tossed. A few rough gems of concepts are selected as the seed for further ideation until a final concept is chosen.

4. Execute

The chosen concept is executed and polished with the appropriate tool(s), be it photoshop, code, or pen and paper; the idea dictates the strategy and tools.

5. Iterate

Design is never finished; it merely becomes good enough to solicit feedback. Sharing, critiques, and user testing provide feedback that is used to fuel ongoing design iterations.